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What Season is the Person in Your Life?

People can be like the 4 seasons...


1. SPRING: These people sew into your life. They will help plant and water the seeds in your Garden of Dreams. They are Givers. 

2. SUMMER: These people will weather any storm. They will help protect you from the negative weeds and pests of people who will try to overtake your Garden of Dreams. They are Protectors.

3. FALL: These people only come around when it's harvest time. When you're on top, they'll be there rooting for you. However, when you hit rock bottom, they get lost in the fallen leaves. They are Flaky. 

4. WINTER: These people will rob you of all the sunshine and joy in your life. They want to see your Garden of Dreams barren and fruitless. They are Takers.


Seasons can also be short and long. Some people seasons last a lifetime. Some people should only be in your life long enough to give you time to turn and run in the opposite direction. 

Be careful not to short nor extend a person's time in your life.

  • If their season requires a longer stay, then keep their uplifting presence in your life.

  • If their season is past due, then happily let the leaves fall away.

Reflection Questions

1) Take note of the closest 10 people in your life. 

2) What season is each person in your life and explain why?

3) Should their season in your life be lengthened or quickly shortened?

Daily writing task: Write a poem, short story, draw a picture or take a photo describing an ideal Spring time person in your life.

***For more writing inspiration, check out "The 4 Seasons of Life" poem chapter in my Powetry - Reclaim Your Power Thru Poetry workbook. Don't have it? Then, click HERE

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