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Breaking Boundaries: Quiana Daniels Makes History as the 1st Nurse with Multistate License in Washington!

Quiana Daniels makes history as the 1st nurse with multi-state license in Washington state
Quiana Daniels makes history as the 1st nurse with multi-state license in Washington state!

In an extraordinary milestone, I am humbled and thrilled to announce that on January 31, 2024, I've become the 1st nurse in Washington State to receive a multistate license. This achievement not only marks a momentous occasion in nursing history but also contributes to the narrative of women's history and black history.

The significance of this accomplishment transcends professional boundaries. It's a testament to breaking barriers, challenging norms, and carving a path for others to follow. As the 1st nurse with a multistate license in Washington, I proudly carry the torch of progress, embodying the resilience of women and the strength of the black community.

History is a tapestry interwoven with countless threads, and each accomplishment leaves an indelible mark. Women's history, nursing history, and black history converge in this moment, showcasing the interconnectedness of our shared narratives. As a nurse breaking new ground, I stand on the shoulders of the trailblazers who came before me, recognizing the collective impact of our stories.

This achievement isn't just a personal triumph—it's a victory for every woman who aspires to break barriers, every nurse striving for excellence, and every individual who envisions a world where opportunities know no bounds.

May this historic milestone inspire others to pursue their dreams relentlessly, transcending boundaries and leaving an enduring legacy for generations to come.

Happy Black History Month!

Quiana Daniels

p.s. Are you a licensed nurse in Washington state and interested in obtaining your multistate license? Find out more at the Washington State Board of Nursing's website at

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