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Public Health Awareness Project

I've been seeing a lot of public health misinformation lately. False claims of #coronavirus cures, false treatments and remedies. As a Founder/Administrator of a Home Health Agency, #nurse, and biomedical researcher, I can't just stand around and let the negative misinformation surpass the informed, evidence-based research and facts.

As healthcare professionals, we have to stay on top of it. Yes, there is good information out there, but if the misinformation outnumber the facts, then the majority rules. So, I am challenging all healthcare professionals and biomedical researchers to join me. Start your own public health project. Write a book, blog post or an article, so the factual information majority rules!

I will not only start posting regular blog posts but taking things a bit further. I want people to become walking billboards of accurate and positive public health information...


My new passion project: Public Health Awareness Tees. Purchase a T-shirt for yourself, family, or friends from our online store at:

Plus, a percentage of all store proceeds go towards our Community Impact Program (CIP)'s mission to promote public health awareness and clothing donations.

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