Ain't I a Woman, Too?

A woman is an enigma wrapped in strength engraved with love...

Ain't I a Woman, Too? poem from the workbook, Powetry - Reclaim Your Power Thru Poetry

My Inspiration

One night, I was laying on my bed, eyes opened, and staring at the ceiling. I was contemplating my struggles and accomplishments as a woman and as an African-American woman. I had begun to notice a shift, a change in the mindset of women and men in the world. I noticed that women were stepping up, taking more leadership roles, advancing politically, economically, and academically, However, we still had a ways to go. We weren't quite in the place that we wanted. We still struggled nationally and internationally. We were still facing income inequality - for every $1 that a man earned in the US, we made only $0.77. We were still lagging behind in STEM and political fields. We had more "Firsts" to obtain. I then began to think about all the women who had come before me and those making changes in the present day